Jackson County Regional Livestock Market
Our heated facility with indoor restrooms and good food available. Fun for all so don’t miss out!
Our arena is large enough to comfortably hold approximately 300 people
JCRLM Facility
Our facility can hold any amount of head you need no matter if you have 1 head or 50!
JCRLM Check-in Station
Our check-in station is run efficiently and we always have a representative from the WVDA on hand as well as a vet.
JCRLM Unloading Dock
Our unloading dock is dual purpose. We like to make your experience here as simple as possible so where you drop your stock off is also where you pick up your newly acquired animals.
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Upcoming Sales Flyer

Please review our upcoming sales for 2024. For more information, call 304-373-1269 or download our brochure below to get the full list of the upcoming sales. 

Jackson County Regional Livestock Market

All livestock included in this report are graded and reported according to official USDA live animal standards or guidelines. Reports are organized based on USDA’s LPGMN formatting guidelines and instructions, under the Voluntary Price Reporting authority of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Livestock Market Photos

Hay Sale Each Saturday Before The Cattle Sale

We take in cattle beginning on the Friday prior to the sale day from 9:00am – 8:00pm
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Upcoming Cattle Sale Video

There will be an upcoming small animal sale this 5-15-22.
Watch the video to learn more about the small animal sale. 

Auction: Every Saturday Morning 11AM

For more information contact Roger or Barn below